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pdf 2016_Certificate Level of Implementation


First stage: INTEREST

Healthcare Services registers interest with a National/Regional Tobacco-free Network by returning a Letter of Interest, nominating a relevant contact person for the healthcare service and establishing a multidisciplinary working group within the healthcare service to introduce and implment the tobacco-free Standards.


Completion of the self-audit tool will assist the healthcare service to identify the relevant areas for action and assist the of the specific action plan for the next year.
Action plans need to be specific and measurable and outline the steps that will be take to reach the set objectives.

On completion of this process, the healthcare service needs to send a copy of the completed self audit tool and action plan to the national/regional network, along with a confirmation of management commitment for implementation and confirming the name and contact details of relevant contact person for the healthcare service.

On receipt of these completed documents the national/regional network will register the healthcare service with the ENSH-Global Network and will receive Membership Certificate.


Evaluate progress after at least 12 months participation in the initiative. Healthcare services will then be required to undertake an evaluation of their action plans, report on achievements and progress and complete again the self audit tool (online where possible).

On receipt of the completed self audit tool the healthcare service will receive either a renewal of the Membership Certificate or be eligible to attain a specific category certificate i.e. Bronze or Silver. Attainment or awarding is determined by the national/regional network who has responsibility for presenting these certificates. 

If a high level of implementation has been verified and validated by the national/regional network, the healthcare service maybe nominated for participation in an ENSH-Global GOLD Forum Process and if successful recieve a Gold Certificate.