you can download

pdf Info_Associate
pdf Info_Corporate
pdf Letter of intent_Corporate
pdf Letter of intent_Associate
pdf Action Plan

Who can be a Corporate member:

National or regional networks for tobacco free health care services that want to adopt the ENSH concept.

Who can be an Associate member:

  • Hospitals and health care centers in countries where a network does not exist
  • Professional bodies or relevant NGO’s that want to support the ENSH concept

You can know more about how to create a network in your area [here]

To start the process of being an ENSH-Global member please follow these steps: 

1.- Read the Corporate and Associate information documents

2.- Sign the Letter of intent that applies you and send it to the Coordinating Center

3.- Outline an action plan explaining your project and activities foreseen

4.- Complete and submit online a Self-audit Questionnaire for each healthcare service

Thank you for your interest on the ENSH concept!