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pdf Network Implementation Guide

Implementing a national smoke free health care services network

National coordinators are the key to the development of a national network of smoke free hospitals and health care facilities. Considering the difficulties to overcome resistance to change from hospital management and health professionals to the implementation of a comprehensive smoke free policy, ENSH has developed this implementation guide to assist national co-ordinators in their networking effort.

The implementation guide can assist you in adressing the following four main difficulties :

  • How to acquire financial and human resources on national level to set up a co-ordination office and to organise dissemination activities?
  • How to acquire support from governments, policy makers, health professionals, insurance companies and the media?
  • How to show that the ENSH concept would facilitate and promote implementation of national legislation banning smoking in health care institutions and public
  • How to persuade hospital managers to invest into a smoke free hospital concept?