The Self-Audit Tool enables healthcare services to monitor and review their own process towards implementing a tobacco-free campus policy.  Please, visit the Self-Audit Questionnaire page to complete the on-line tool and submit your healthcare services results. Available for download here. 


The ENSH-Global "Implementation Concept" is based on the original 10 point Code. The "Implementation Concept" has 8 Standards with a clear implementation criteria for each Standard and a self-audit tool to guide and support the achievement of a quality tobacco management policy implementation within healthcare service. You can apply for the Implementation Cconcept in other languages contacting the Coordinating Center. 


ENSH-Global has determined 8 quality standards with associate implementation criteria to direct and support quality tobacco management implementation in healthcare services or settings. Download combined ENSH-Global Concept hereDownload ENSH-Global Glossary of "use of terms"here You can apply for them in other languages contacting the Coordinating Center.


Depending of the score obtained on the Self-audit Tool a grade of specific category is assigned by the national/regional network: member, bronze or silver. You can know more about the GOLD Forum [here]. The Certification process has been translated to many languages. Please contact the Coordinating Center if you are interested.


Under the ENSH-Global Statutes, all members have an obligation to protect and promote the integrity of the brand. Therefore only officially registered ENSH-Global members are entitled to use amd promote the ENSH-Global concept (code, standards, implementation criteria and self-audit tool).All non-members and outside bodies are required to contact the ENSH-Global Coordinating Centre. In general, permission may be granted where:  • a legal relationship exists between the requesting organization and ENSH   • ...