The ENSH-Global GOLD Forum

The GOLD Forum is a global platform thatgives recognition to members and non-members working at the highest level ofENSH standards implementation. It provides a learning and sharing forum for theexchange of best practice and access to experts on key aspects ofimplementation on tobacco free policies.

GOLD Forum members

Being a member of the ENSH GOLD Forum is the maximum level of quality in the implementation of tobacco control policies.

GOLD Forum 2014

The ENSH-Global GOLD Forum Event 2014 was held on the 23rd April in Barcelona, Spain.

GOLD Forum 2013

The ENSH-Global GOLD Forum 2013 was held on the 21st May in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

GOLD Forum 2012

Was held on Wednesday 11th of April 2012 during the 20th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) in Taiwan. About 320 attendees from 29 different nations participated in this session.