Members Activities for WNTD 2017

 WNTD a focus for tobacco control activities. 

Many member organised activities to highlight their key achievements while others collaborated with national or regional tobacco control activities. 

We are delighted to showcase here some of the many activities that members have shared with us.

SWITZERLAND FTGS : "10 years tobacco - cessation service„ on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day". Programme and photographs from the event.

Victoria, Australia: “GOLD FORUM” - Best practice sharing and learning event on Tuesday 30th May 2017 at which new Global GOLD Forum members will share implementation experiences and good practice.

Ireland: Department of Health, Ireland a WHO WNTD 2017 award winner.  Press release highlights that Ireland's progress has been rewarded not only in the improved health of Irish people, but in this recognition from the WHO. Press Release

Miguel Servet University Hospital in Aragón, Spain for WNTD 2017, linked during the month of May their tobacco control activities with drawings produced by the children admitted to Children Hospital and the College of St. Vicente de Paúl.

Group Hospital Royo Villanova for Tobacco-free in Aragón, Spain for WNTD 2017 carried out a number of activities such as increased signage and smoking posters, Signage of terraces and common spaces, Posters with motivational phrases and an informative table, change of candies by cigarettes and cooximetries on May 31 with information talks for patients and caregivers. See examples attached.

pdf VNSHS WNDT Event Programme
pdf 276-2017_Press Release Wednesday 31st May 2017.pdf
pdf Swiss 10 years celebration
pdf 276-WNTD 2017 _Activities_VACIO.pdf
pdf 276-WNDT_Photo_Spain.pdf


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