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that 12% of deaths among those over 30 are caused by tobacco. Say NO tobacco!

The world's largest tobacco company wanted good press - but it backfired Stop producing or marketing tobacco! This is, what an Institute for Human Rights has recommended to Philip Morris International, the manufacturer of Marlboro.

Smoking damages your eyes. Quitting can help preserve your sight (and improve your night vision) by stopping that damage.

53 leading finance firms, representing US$3.8 trillion, pledged public support for tobacco control on World No Tobacco Day 2017.

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Tobacco Cessation Guidelines for High Risk Populations

The ENSP recently published “Smoking Cessation Guidelines for High Risk Populations” are a result of scientific and evidence-based research conducted by working groups of health professionals and experts in tobacco cessation for ...

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World Lung Cancer Day

Key messages for World Lung Cancer Day1. Smokefree areas save lives. Many people who have never smoked get lung cancer from #SecondhandSmoke2. Even for those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day. #WorldLungCancerDay3. ...

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Philip Morris International secret global campaign to undermine FCTC

A Reuters investigation recently published reveals that Philip Morris International has for years run a secret global campaign to undermine the World Health Organization’s anti-smoking treaty, which was designed to save lives ...

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